Homebass Communications presents A year in Bass

I should have uploaded this ages ago but this is the recording from the Homebass Communications one year anniversary in 2001. Recorded live at Cafe Democ this special event played host to JB aka Dread Bass and Vocalist Dark Angel (Moby). The event was also broadcasted live on the Homebass show that took place live every saturday from 2000 t0 2005 on Fat 107 fm. The mix really shows how fast dnb music grew in Thailand since its beginning’s in 97. A lot of great memories really come from listening to this mix, I hope you can listen to it and get a better idea of what kind of sounds were being played during those days. Fast forward to present day and Dnb / bass music is huge is Thailand with many crews and collectives running tings’. Its really great to see that our hometown has so many good nights going on. In 2013 we also plan on the Dubway 6 year anniversary. Please stay tuned for news regarding that session.

check out the mix here:




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